Welcome to Burton Pools


Swimming pool owners and their families throughout Greater Lafayette know that, for the very best lifetime pool experience, there is only one name - Burton Pools.

No other company is more dedicated or more qualified to see that you enjoy your pool as much in 10 or 20 years as you do the very first moment you dive in.

Make Your Excitement Last

At Burton Pools, we don't want you to ever lose the thrill you're feeling when that dream of owning a new swimming pool or hot tub is within reach.

But that's exactly why, unlike any other pool company, Burton Pools introduces you to the reality of pool ownership.

Only with Burton Pools can you:

Receive the consulting you need in the beginning to make your wisest investment decision in the end.

Consulting You Need

We'll learn about your budget, your property and your expectations, so we can deliver a product that truly meets your goals - whether it's all about having more family fun, or you're also thinking about long-term maintenance and home resale value.

Maximize your pool performance and enjoyment with the ongoing support of salaried professionals.

Ongoing Support

As a pool owner/customer with Burton Pools, you're never on an island, and you're never in doubt about the integrity of your "pool guys" - because unlike other companies, Burton Pools is absolutely dedicated to retaining experts in the science of pool and spa maintenance, many with experience in the field going back more than 20 years.

Have one reliable source for all your pool needs.

Reiliable Source of Pool Needs

From custom design and installation, to service training and maintenance programs, to retail equipment, chemicals, supplies and accessories, you can place your trust in one name, for greater peace of mind and higher value.